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The Fiverr Search Algorithm just got a massive update!


For all categories, as far as I can tell, the ‘recommended’ page is new sellers and Pros.

So, perhaps they are trying to force people to go Pro?

I mean, I don’t mind. One of the Pros in my category produces shoddy work and I have been asked no less than 8 times to rewrite their content. So, good bit of business for me.

But yeah, looks like the Pro thing was tied to the algorithm change in the first place.


Maybe is good idea for PRO gigs, but these prices are extreme high. Most buyers on fiverr has register because of the low price. I don’t agree to low prices but this is the truth about fiverr. So much good sellers like you are going down because of these changes for search tags but I really really hope fiverr will not fail.
Today some of my gigs are not in search while I saw (as always) some newbie with my work. I reported in CS and they ask from me documents for flyers that I owe lol. I think the end of fiverr will be with amateur sellers. (I hope I am wrong) !

I don’t mind going down :wink:

I mean, yesterday I was on the first page, now I am on the 28th or something. That is fine with me while I have a big backlog to deal with.

Everybody that was on the front page of my category about an hour ago is now on the 7th page.

But it really does look like the focus is now on PRO gigs only, plus random featured gigs with stolen images.

The one thing that is annoying is that when you search for gigs by Average Review, a lot of that page is 0 feedback PRO sellers.

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Yeah, I’ve been on Fiverr for 3 years 4 months now, making lots of money, saving everything, preparing for the rainy day. The rainy day, ladies and gentlemen, is here.

Winter has come…

[EDIT: Well, I am still booked for 25 days, Winter will probably arrive after that :stuck_out_tongue: ]

[EDIT: Am I the new @ryangillam ? Why am I ranting like him? What’s happened to me? LOL]

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I couldn’t even seen you on the page when I sorted by average review, but I am now on the end of the first page, even though I have not been on it in like…since 2014.


And now I disappeared completely. Looks like that thing is really messed up.

I can never quite work out how Ambiit or whatever remains at the top of that average review. I know he has 22k sales, but the average review is 4.5.

It is not really an average review page…

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I am on 4th page under “avg. reviews” and 2nd page under “recommended”. Just checked.

Not seeing that at all Ryan.
By Avg Customer Review I see a mix of TRS, high volume level 2, 3 Pro sellers (2 of which are new) and you are half way down the page. There are 4 level 1 sellers on the last 3 lines and one new seller. Everyone else is TRS or level 2 (or the 3 Pros).

Was there an announcement on an update? I must of missed it. Things in my category seem to be the same as far as rankings. But I believe what I see in my area, isn’t necessarily what others see in their area. I may be on page one when I search, but if I ask my friends living elsewhere to search, my gig is not on page 1. I think it can vary from area to area.

Don’t get me wrong, I love rainy days, will focus on exercise and do whatever orders I get. This is gonna be fun!

The average review page seems to be randomized for me. At least the first 2. I refresh and some gigs disappear and new ones enter their place.

The one I keep swapping positions with is one that has 165 reviews and 4.5 star rating. How he managed to get to the front page of ‘average review’ is anybody’s guess.

I have been keeping an eye on the first page of my category since the start of this month. The gigs have not changed at all. Maybe change positions. When the PRO thing came in, many of the gigs had been pushed off the front page. Now, they have ALL gone and new ones have taken their place.

By ‘new’, I meant minimal reviews for their gigs/nothing sold in months.

Oh, that is a pretty different meaning then! Silly me, I took “new sellers” as meaning New Sellers :smiley:

Still, most have 200+ sales with a good number being over 1000 when I search Article Writing.

Just to add to that, I have been on the 4th page for my entire 3rd year. So this is not a recent development. Was on the first page for my 1st and 2nd years. I attribute that to my high delivery time 29 days since my third year - I do bigger orders of $100-$200 with a few smaller orders, compared to my first two years where I did many smaller orders with one or two big orders each month.

So I am in the process of paying my taxes, I found that in my 3rd year I have made only $967 less than my 2nd year, which remains my highest earning year…after the 3rd year, since April 2017, my earnings have been above average. Okay, I am not crying. LOL.

Just to make me happy…the happiest moment of my life…May 16, 2014

[EDIT: I started off ranting like Ryan, and ended up as typical Writer99025 - Whole gamut of emotions in one thread]

Just a theory;

Reckon the ‘average review’ page is based upon the amount of feedback a person has had over a certain period of time? Rather than overall. Hence why you remain around the 4th page as you do fewer orders, and therefore get less feedback. It also explains why Ambiit or whatever remains at the top while he has a 4.5 star rating (as well as a few other sellers who were on the front page as me getting in like 90 feedbacks in a week)

Still doesn’t explain why I was there, though (gig paused now, just had to test)

My earnings have steadily risen on Fiverr since December. Each month has been better than the last.A lot of that is repeat clients, though. Many of the people who have bought from me the past couple of days have asked to pay $20+ to have it delivered within one day instead, which really contributed to the rise in income.

I have yet to top my first and second year, though. My gig was paused most of that time anyway.

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Pro is only in a few categories. The voiceover people on fiverr seem to miss out on these enhancements I do not think we got the featured oprion upgrade a while back. Do we smell LOL??