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The *Fiverr* Sixth Sense

Hi Community,

Ever since I started writing on Fiverr, I’ve noticed that I can sometimes get a sense of when it may be better to pass up a buyer than take on their gig.

This is why I believe that encouraging a conversation before the gig is placed is critical

To increase the likelihood that a buyer will talk to me to be before ordering, I added a question on a few of my gigs that says…

“Have we talked about your project yet? By having a conversation before, we can develop a better understanding of your project goals”

Generally, I feel my “sixth sense” getting triggered whenever any of these situations happen in the conversation:

  • Demanding questions

  • Excessive price bargaining

  • Confusion about what is offered in the gig (after multiple explanations… initial confusion is okay)

  • Negative reviews from former sellers on their profiles (yes, I read these from time to time)

  • Asking for anything that violates the TOS

When any of the above situations come up, I politely encourage someone to look elsewhere on the platform. In my opinion, each gig forges a relationship - even if it is short lived - and relationships are a two way street.

The overall point I’m trying to make is for buyers to develop their “sixth sense” and don’t always take the money if it means a bad working relationship.

Full disclosure, in the past I’ve certainly been wrong about buyers who initially seem like they’d be hard to work with but end up being an absolute pleasure.

Hope this helps! :blush:


This has happened to me! I had one buyer that sent just a book worth of information to me prior to ordering and I just… idk… didn’t feel right. I went through with the order though for some reason and immediately after delivering it they wanted to cancel. It was a tough lesson but I learned it’s sometimes ok to be picky if things just don’t feel right

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I certainly feel for that. As with life, hindsight is 20/20 on Fiverr!