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The flip side of "search first"

People end up sticking comments on ancient threads that for the most part no longer have relevancy! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen plenty of those where people respond in March 2014 to posts made in March 2013. I think they didn’t notice the discrepancy in the years. Now the people who add things to posts ending in August 2012 just have no excuse :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, and I’m an offender!~ Didn’t really notice the date on the original post. But I only look at threads on the first page, occasionally 2nd page of the various forums. Do these old threads pop up in front because someone went slogging back a year(or two!!) to read it, then left a comment which is now new? Too bad old threads can’t just stay put on page 147 or whatever.

Reply to @celticmoon: Yes. I’ve seen posts from December 2012 with an “I agree” added on yesterday. Makes the thread “like new”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Look, This shouldn’t bother you how old the thread is, your answer may help the user. However, if the thread was about something that is not relevant now, I understand.

Give every discussion the opportunity to add a comment.

Best of luck

:slight_smile: Joe

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At least all of the “Contact CS; they will or will not fix your problem within a day or a week or so” posts are always relevant. :stuck_out_tongue: