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The forums have become more pleasant lately


Maybe it’s just me but there is a nicer tone in the forums lately. I really appreciate coming here more. We seem to be more helpful to new users. I wonder what changed?


1 word: TROLLS.

oh and getting :flag_black:ed by them.


Flagged for saying that the more civil forums are nice? Go figure. We had better not stand for civility, who knows where that could lead.


Why is that? What´s on your mind? :slight_smile:

NB: I too feel that this forum has become more friendly and helpful.

PS: IMO, civility can be bad and good. Too much civility is boring and feels unreal. No civility at all can cause problems.


The forum team (including staff and some behind-the-scenes mods) agreed to toughen up some on posts and users that broke the forum rules often, baited others or participated in trolling. This has been going on for a few months and although it was a bit of an adjustment period, the majority of the feedback about that has been positive. Users who wanted to discuss freelancing or chit-chat in a less disruptive environment seem to have found it easier to do so.

I am not saying this change accounts for everything that might have affected the tone and the tougher stance was criticized by a small number of users, but overall it has made moderation less stressful. I have to agree that the nicer one makes the forums more available to both buyers and sellers who conduct themselves like pros even while having fun. I’m glad you’ve had a better experience lately even if it wasn’t related to moderation efforts! :slight_smile:


@fonthaunt I think the admins/mods have done a great job! I can imagine it´s not easy to manage a forum full of people with different backgrounds, opinions, knowledge, and interests. :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed it too. People don’t change, so it has to be moderators we have to thank <3


I’m sure there is much that we don’t see. But thanks for your work in keeping this place as pleasant and professional as possible. I have decided to make an effort to answer at least a couple newbie questions every week. If we make them feel comfortable they will become regulars and add to the conversation. I think a great many either were a bit intimidated to ask before the changes, or if they did, they often regretted having done so.

Well done!