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The Founder - Biopic of Ray Kroc


Ray Kroc is the man who founded McDonald’s, a true entrepreneur and an American success story. I desperately want to watch this movie, but booked for the next 20-25 days. By the time I get free this movie will have run its course. Damn! After a long time, there’s a decent movie and I can’t watch it.


I heard about Ray Kroc. It’s being played in the movie theaters right now. I ended up watching Sleepless - but only because it was playing at the right time, happened to be at the mall and wanted to watch something.

I don’t understand what you mean by booked for the next 20-25 days. Are there limited seats or at a special theater?


Yes the seats are limited, you have to book a year in advance!


I mean busy with orders…for the next 25 days, yours is due this Tuesday :slight_smile: I write everything on a calendar, 30 days in advance. (work 12-14 hours a day, no time for movies) (and now cardio in the morning and weights at night, so definitely no time for movies)


Wow, you must have small theaters in Bangladesh! :slight_smile:


No No, not small, UBER EXCLUSIVE! :wink:


Oh, I’m not in a hurry, if you need more time, I’m good. I am still researching bunch of stuff - hired bunch of V.A. to take pictures and give me details on food, culture, etc. on various places around the world.

I like to plan at least three (which is rushing it for me) to a year out.


Yeah, you ordered the “India” gig, which has a delivery time of 14 days because nobody orders it…my main article writing gig has a delivery time of 29 days :slight_smile: Shall I send a 9 day time extension, if you don’t mind?



(Okay, I typed the word “absolutely” and it requires 20 characters, so let me also add: Yes, uh-huh, of course, yup!)


Cool, sending the request, check your Fiverr website, will deliver by Feb 5. (Sent)


Thanks Gina, very nice of you :slight_smile: (Why do I always get the nicest buyers :slight_smile: )


Shucks!! :blush:

Go watch Ray or I’ll go watch and then come back on this forum and tease you on how good it was! Or, I could really be evil and give all the juicy, edge of seat, hair-raising details of the movie. :wink:


LOL…yeah, hopefully I will get to watch the movie, let’s see :slight_smile: Hopefully, this Tuesday.


@gina_riley2 @writer99025 will you be able to share the link of your website when the final live version of the India article goes live? :slight_smile:


Huh? You lost me. Are you referring to the article that writer is doing for me? If so, it’s for a book I am writing, therefore I do not have a website; only an Amazon link, when it’s ready.


Yes, that is what I was referring to. :slight_smile:


You can read the book about him. Just as good


Then watch Supersize Me.


I think I’ve seen that, a long time ago, not sure. But you have to admit that McDonald’s is an American success story.


True but they need to have healthy food. It’s garbage.