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The Four Star Curse

This new rating system is already taking effect in a negative way. Now I get 4 star and 4 1/2 star ratings. It is ridiculous. How does a buyer really judge between 4 and 5 stars?

It may be too early to tell, but I feel 3 and 4 stars are going to be standard rating. For a 5 star you have to become their full time employee and work for nothing :slight_smile:

Seriously there is not enough data yet to make a call, but my gut is telling me 5 stars is going to be hard to come by. So maybe eventually we will all be in the same boat with 3 and 4 star ratings.

Since ARS release, I have been getting nothing but repeat customers so rating has been good. But when I do get a first timer and I have no idea what their expectations are, I’m sure I will be joining you.

If only I had crystal ball to look in the future of what clients expect but never tell me when ordering the gig :slight_smile:

A new fight is building with a new icon,For fiverr is still brushing us off.

Here is the new Icon for all to use.

Reply to @youtubefun: Fiverr probably thinks we’ll get over the new rating system in time. They don’t realize that it is going to destroy the ratings of many honest sellers, so we will never like it.

Ive lost 100’s of orders since this new rating. Was getting 240K views on my gig in a month now only getting10K

As my activity on the forum and my participation in the Vacation Day Protest should indicate, I loathe the new system. To mitigate it, when I deliver an order, I copy and paste a boiler plate signature that reads, “My objective is to provide 5-star service and quality always, so if you feel you have received anything less than that, please tell me how to remedy the problem so I can take care of the matter before you rate me and close the transaction.” I believe it is helping a bit. You might consider doing something like that. But recent suggestions that we “educate” sellers on the system is absurd. The whole point is they pay very little, and we do the work in short order. Sigh.

Reply to @shawnecannon: Why do you blame that on the new rating system? No one can see your ratings unless they view your Gigs.