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The Full 30 Days

OK you vendors,I’m tired of unfulfilled promises. I’m going to start to observe Fiverr’s policy time frame of giving positive or negative comments on gigs more closely. Fiverr allows you up to 30 days to rate your vendor’s service.However,if you rate before 30 days,you have only 3 days to change your rating response.I’m going to start taking the full 30 days unless I see immediate stated benefits as promised,then I will rate immediately.

This is a random post?

No there’s nothing random about it.It’s a ranting post.Notice that it’s posted in The Ranting Pot.

Yes it appears Fiverr’s policies encourage seller’s to delay orders and provide very poor services.
I have ordered a few things from Fiverr and all of the suppliers have taken more time then quoted.
A few of them were extremely poor quality and now because the supplier has taken more time I can not even register the poor performance.
It is too bad because there are some good providers but it does not seem that Fiverr cares and they are more than happy to take money from all of them
They should change the name of the business business to 4 out of every Fiverr Suck


they can even censor out the part that says they suck!

Well, it is an autolist, so I could call someone a fragglesrock fragglesrock fragglesrock but nobody would ever know. Would you care to point out which of Fiverr’s policies “encourage sellers to delay orders and provide very poor services”?

Here’s the TOS:

and cancellation policy:

If your seller has been late, you can cancel for an automatic refund (which will be given to you as Fiverr credit only). Note also that you can either leave a bad review or have a refund. Fair or not, those are the chips.

Not sure what you are even talking about. Sellers on fiverr work hard and there are some good ones. You can cancel the job if you are not happy. Trust me. Sellers get screwed a lot more than buyers. Best Wishes.

Reply to @waltpegs: I can read and noticed where it was but a blanket post like this is so absurd. Why you would rate before you knew you had everything or were totally happy is beyond me… I think you anger is directed incorrectly.

Reply to @gailbunning:
Think whatever you wish. I’m a newbie to Fiverr,so I tried to give a positive review for a job completed on time and grant the sellers request for an immediate positive review.However,the results which the sellers says won’t be immediate never materialized .Therefore,I stated I would wait the full 30 before posting reviews from this point on.You don’t like that,tough!

Reply to @mary1979:
As the author of this rant,be assured that I’m not talking about the hard working sellers who deliver on their promises and there are many of those.

Reply to @waltpegs: Empty, silly threat… please don’t ever purchase from me.