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The fund not returned to my balance


i did ordered $10 gig in mistake i asked for refund the buyer accepted mutual cancellation but the money not returned to my balance i cant see it in my balance i contacted fiverr no respond

it shows that fund not refunded and not remained in balance is i lot my $10 for nothing?


How someone can order a gig by mistake? It’s not a one button click thing.


dude that not the point , the point is order cancelled but no money returned to balance


That’s the point man… you mentioned it clearly.


If the seller accepted the mutual cancellation, then it’s out of his/her hands. You’ll need to contact customer services for anything money/balance related. I’m sure they’ll be able to help you! :slight_smile:


yes can be order made by mistake , but my quastion is why the money not returned to balance and no help from fiverr

if u have nothing to say no need to waste here


they not helped me i contacted them but no fund returned and in my account i can see the money not refunded


Did you give them enough time to respond to your query?


48 hours past and no responds


Typically all inquiries are answered in the order they are created. So, replies may take longer than 48-hours.


Tweet them with your case id to get faster response.


Then you’re going to have to wait a little longer. Customer Support does not respond when you want them to; they respond when they have the information, time, and ability to do so. Please be patient.


and my question is do they reply to the queries on the weekends?


That’s a good question. I honestly don’t know.


Hi @iamsachmusic, I’ve had a ticket submitted since 12 June (6 days ago) and they have not fixed the issue. This has not been my personal experience of past issue resolution.

Hopefully they will respond soon. Please keep us updated.


By “account” do you mean your Fiverr account or your bank account?

Any refunds are issued as Fiverr credit; your money remains on Fiverr, it does not return to your bank account. This is stated in the Terms of Service.


If it’s been 6 days then add a response in your current active ticket. This will give them a nudge about your ticket. Or if your query is a serious issue, i am pretty much sure they are working on it, just they need more than the normal time to solve it.


You should contact with Fiverr customer support again.


YOU…nailed it!


Hi @iamsachmusic, thanks and yes, since the last post here CS has written me back.

It’s a little funny though because CS wrote me yesterday saying they had contacted the Buyer…
and that was after the Buyer wrote me saying he was still waiting to hear from CS.

No resolve to the issue yet (7 days later) but I did hear from CS last night which was a weekend day.