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The Game is ON!


Hello fellow Fiverrs, after weeks of pointless planning/procrastinating I finally created my first gigs :slight_smile:

I am now seeking to get my first orders, which hopefully will be the first of many to come as I intend to make a living out of Fiverr!

The community seems friendly, I’ve just browsed the forum a bit and helped a few people to improve their gig already!


Good for you! Check out all kinds of gigs to see what works for others. Keep at it!:grinning:


Thank you for the kind words!


You must create another gig on other categories. Like “Business>Others.”
Why you will do this? From my Experience on fiverr (I have been using fiverr from last few months) I had seen that some buyers post their requests on other categories as they do not find appropriate category for their project. Thus many job post will be in the other side of the door, if you only create one gig on your specific category.

Though I’m not an expert in this, I think it will be helpful for everyone….:relieved::relieved:


Interesting insights, although I think the majority of people will in fact find what they need in the right category.

That being said I’m currently creating gigs for other categories as well so I’ll be all over the place for people to find me :grin:


More power to you! Let’s press on ahead and do our best!


Hello and welcome in Fiverr. Congrats in your first gigs. You can go to fiverr gigs category and share your gig links so all can have a first look. Good luck

Maria S.