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The gig description is meant to be read


My freshman year on Fiverr has earned me top quality mind reading abilites- Maybe I should sell a gig on it
I know now that when I read a buyer’s message asking me about things already stated in my gig description it means that really, they haven’t read a thing.
I also know now that when I see a buyer place an order without messaging and then write me an as vague as possible description as to what they want- really, they know not what they want. And I the seller will be at fault for it.

Behold. My first negative review.

I have been indoctrinated.

Exhibit A (click)


Sure, buyers are entitled to their own opinion of a product/service. I’m also sure that buyers are also aware of the lasting effects of negative ratings on sellers’ accounts. Not to mention, the overall discredit of time effort and energy spent completing tailor-made work as compared to the effortless clicking of a few stars. It is likely that a simple read would be enough to help buyers make a more informed and conscious decision.

I draw t-shirt graphics. Absolutely love what I do. But considering the repercussions, this certainly sucks the enjoyment out of it.
Now for a cup of tea.


Agh, buyers like this are so frustrating. They expect us to be mind readers. Just explain in your review back what happened and that they gave very little information and didn’t read your description and hopefully future buyers will see this and ignore the negative comment!


This seems to be a common problem among us sellers. I’ve tried to make my gig description as concise and informative as possible, including FAQ’s, but I still occasionally get messages asking for something that could have been answered if they’d only taken the time and trouble to read for about 4 minutes.

I know, it’s a lot to ask.

Yesterday was a prime example - i had a buyer order a gig and spend quite a lot of money on it and then asked me if I could sound like Jony Ives. Well, I tend to mostly sound like me and to try and match someone’s intonation and pacing that is natural to them is difficult to say the least. I tried to advise them of this and that I would just read it in my own way and get the mood and tone of what they wanted, but after three attempts, they gave up. The result was a lot of their money and time wasted

As far as I can see, that’s your first negative review since joining in May last year? That’s pretty good going. But yes, it is quite disheartening when it happens.

Tea is a good idea. :slight_smile:


The first one is always a nailbiter! :grimacing:

I’m sure your Buyers :heart: what you do and will continue to patronage your business. Eventually, the negative will get buried at the bottom of the pile.

Sadly, no matter how many times a text gets bolded/highlighted//FAQ outlining the gig description. People will not read! I find myself inhaling/exhaling – while smh at the same time. :confused:

The contact me before ordering doesn’t work! For some Buyers, It’s like a NEON sign that says "Just place an ORDER!

I’m sippin’ on some chai :tea: right now. :stuck_out_tongue: It works!


Oooh, I love chai tea! :blush::star_struck:


I just received an order with the remark at the end “If this cannot be done please just cancel this order”.

Yesterday, I canceled the order after the buyer outright refused to answer my questions. “Here is our site’s link, isn’t it enough?”

I applaud your dedication to continue with the order when something if off from the getgo. I do prefer to cancel them just to save my time.

The brief wasn’t filled out in both cases and I have it both in the gig description and in requirements. You literally can’t put through an order without (presumably) reading it. I have it short, I have parts of it highlighted and parts of it in caps. What else can I do (it’s rhetorical)?

I mostly do posters and I’m requesting an exact size and file format because you’ll come back in a month screaming at me in the PMs that everything is wrong with the file and it’s my fault if I don’t. It’s not because I like to torture people with useless questions.

On a serious note, however, as long as there are no repercussions for a seller who ignores the description/brief in its entirety while simultaneously checking that checkmark of “I read and understood everything…” nothing will change. It’s basically a contract violation, after all.