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The Gig failed to pass our review and are not visible to anyone. Click here to see your denied Gigs and learn more about this action

Could anyone help me with that, why my Gig was denied and removed, its a legit one, here is a screenshot for it, thank you in advance.

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how can i be helpful for you i have fiverr experince

@aneeqaadnan If you want help you need to create your own topic.

Here are the forum rules: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

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Tell me about your gig. I assume you’re a website designer, but I don’t get the part about hosting top level domain. Are you buying the domain? Are you finding domains for sale?

This is a great question for CS. What I can tell you is that some gigs get banned. Gigs about doing people’s homework, gigs that mention the word Amazon or Craiglist, even if what you do doesn’t violate the TOS of those companies, they can still report you. There’s also the TOS of Fiverr.

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My gigs denied my image is real