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The gig has been stuck in one place for three consecutive months

Hi there,
My gig on the First page was hidden from search pages three months ago for no reason. After that, I completed many orders from repeat customers with 5-star ratings, still no change in rank. Gigs are not rotating. They are always stuck in the one place. (The gig has been stuck in one place for three consecutive months. It’s a big-time And unusual)
What can I do for this?


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Its an issue for most seller ever since impressions is down. Unfortunately many seller experience this and Fiverr is communicating this very poorly which is very disturbing.


I doubt this is something that’s happening to everyone. Why it’s happening to you is the question? My main gig went from the 5th page to the 1st page to the 3 page in the matter of a month.

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It happened the same with me, my Gigs went to 1° to “you don’t even exist”.
No, they do not rotate. And Yes the stats work against you, not for you.
The problem is, if Fiverr doesn’t like something then you don’t exist for them, in the wast majority of cases for no reason at all.
In other words, you may as well delete your Gig and try to create one, or even completely leave this platform for good, because your account may be buried further into oblivion.

Have you also experiencing other issues like not being able to see your Gigs stats?

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You mean this situation lasts forever?

It can be temporarily fixed by busting CS’s balls, but other than the only solution is to either wait and maybe someone will spot you (before seeing his/her account deactivated) or find a serious platform.

The problem I have is that even though I have completed many orders from recurring customers with a 5-star rating, there is still no difference in rank. Gigs is not rotating

Same, but as I said Fiver doesn’t care about stats or ranking.
If Fiverr likes you, you are at the top, if they don’t you don’t exist.

Read this thread. This Can be helpful > Gig Ranking Issue

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Same issue also happens to me. I guess it happens because of impressions is down issue going on.

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