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The gig I offered keeps getting rejected

I have no idea why my offer keeps getting rejected. I want someone to vote on a social media contest for me, but it says that the offer is a violation of the terms of service. I read the terms of service, and I can’t figure out what the problem is. I’m not doing asking for anything illegal or unethical; I just want someone to sit at a computer and vote for me. So far I’m not impressed with this platform. Any suggestions about what I can do?


I suggest you contact customer support to find out what the problem is. Is this being set up as a buyer request - where you want to pay someone to vote for you? Can you not just ask someone you know who is on social media to vote for you?

Could you be breaking the terms of the social media contest by getting somebody else to vote for you? It wouldn’t be a very fair contest if entrants were allowed to pay for votes. :wink:


Just drop a message at customer support with proper details of your problem. Guess it is done