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The gig limit of a newseller can create

Hello,I thought as a new seller the limit of gigs one can create is 7?
I only have 4 gigs but each time I try to create another one, an orange warning sign will pop up telling me my gig creation limit is 7.
Can some one who has experienced such, please enlighten me.

i think you had deactivated your account previously where you had few gigs and again you activated you fiverr accoun tand now you create 4 gigs but for next one it shows orange warning sign .is it the case with you?

Have you got any paused gigs?

No @ mdkawsaralam123 I have never deactivated my account neither have i paused it @ offlinehelpers, though there was a time I never came online for about a month or there about without turning my vacation status on.

because i had same experience but customer care resolved this issue and i suggest you to contact customer support

Please check and see if you’ve got gigs that have been paused for you.