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The gig that will STOP e-mail Marketing in it's tracks

Are you Getting Poor Results with E-mail Marketing?

Want to Connect with your Customers, Clients & Contacts and be Sure they see your Message or Offer?

Watch my gig Video and Crunch the Numbers which Don’t Lie

Unlock the secret to building a HUGE contact list and get open rates of over 90% every time you send them a message!

With Traditional E-mail marketing…
If you had 1000 subscribers and sent out an e-mail on average only 180 or 18% would open your e-mail and your CTR (Click Through Rate) would average 5.6% meaning only 10 people of out 1000 subscribers on your list would actually click the link in your e-mail & end up on your website.

Just google “Mailchimp Email Marketing Benchmarks” for current stats on your niche.

With Facebook Notifications…
You can expect a massive 90%+ CTR so with 1000 people connected to your app 900+ would click the notification & end up on your website.

This is so ninja, I should be charging $500+/month for this.