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The goal of SEO is not to rank #1. The goal is to generate leads and sales for your business

SEO refers to the process of driving traffic to a website from a search engine. It is a methodology of strategies used to escalate the number of visitors to the website by attaining a high-ranking position in the search results page of a search engine. The more frequent appearance of the website in the search results and the website’s rank on the search result page is directly proportional to the number of visitors to the website, ultimately building brand awareness and bypassing the competition.


Best of luck for your future. May you succeed in life. GOOD LUCK

@seema_g There is no sense in your title. When you are as much as possible to the rank #1 at google - you automatically start to gain traffic. Traffic can convert to money.

Thanks a lot! Good luck to you too.

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For each and every business, lead generation is the major goal. That’s what the title states.

Yes, by ranking on google and doing SEO. :confused:

The entire process goes hand in hand.