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The Good and Bad of Gig extras

The gig extras are always a great asset to have here on Fiverr, but i think there is 2 sides of it.

Its allows you charge for extra work you complete on a gig, and allows it easier for the buyer to purchase these extras with one click.

But we as sellers still lose the $1 in every $5 that we make to Fiverr, doesnt matter if its a $20 gig extra, we still lose $4.

Would it be more beneficial to us sellers if we just explained how much gigs for each extra in our description, then the buyer can order that many gigs and we get more number of sales and a higher ranking on fiverr. Might be a little harder for the buyer but could be more useful to the seller.

I know it may not work with the really high priced gig extras, as that would be a pain for the buyer

Anyways was just a thought. What do you think of it?

Your method means that it becomes difficult to workout who ordered gig extras and who didn’t. These causes problems down the line when people don’t get what they ordered because they ordered everything separately.

When an order comes in for me I only read it if it has a ‘gig extra’ attached to it. If it doesn’t then it gets ‘ignored’ until later on. If everybody ordered separate gigs then I would not know who ordered ‘fast delivery’.

You also need to look at the fact that if you mess up on a gig you are not going to end up with just one negative feedback. You will get multiple negatives. $20 order? 4 negative feedback.

yeah i totally argee with your points, especially the multiple negative feedbacks.

you could easily organise the gig extras yourself if you wanted as that is what you would have to do as a newbie. not too hard to control on a piece of paper if need be.

i can see how it just makes it alot easier to organise and control orders

When i join fiverr i was on ground level with no extras.

I quote a buyer $175 for website work. Now imagine that buyer buys 35 gigs which took him 2 days to do so, and while doing this his paypal account was restricted.

I know in this way i get 35 reviews, but it is a lot of pain for buyers.

I still like gig extras and i never ask buyer to make separate purchases for the sake of multiple reviews.

Perhaps Fiverr can take into account the amount of gigs that are purchased as gig extras in order to improve your ranking. It’s something I never considered, but a great point. I strive for add ons, but it doesn’t get me extra feedback.

I think it would at least be an improvement if reviews were weighted somehow, so more expensive gigs were treated more importantly than less expensive gigs. For example, a $20 gig could count as multiple “reviews”. But instead of literally giving multiple “reviews”, each review could have a point value based on the price, so more expensive gig reviews could be worth more points depending on how expensive the gig was.

ahulterstrom, I really like that tweak to the algorithm.