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The good attitude with a particular type of buyer

HI Community,

From time to time I’m contact by buyer that wnat more precisions on my services, and after a little discussion want a discount on my price for orders <50$. Because they have insufficient budget. I kindly explain that is not possible, and is not in my use to give discount for buyers I never work with.

And since a few monthes, I notice that these same “buyers” come on with the same message, the same speech, the same arguments.

As I save all past discussion, I immediately realize who they are and what they want.
But it is annoying to always repeat the same things.

Someone have a trick to avoid this type of returnng non buyer ?
Thank you so much


Hi. I fear you can’t keep them from contacting you, but if it’s always the same thing, and always the same reply, you can write a polite yet firm reply once, save it as a “Quick Response”, and then use that, so you only have to click a few times vs. typing the same thing over and over again, to make it a little less annoying and time-consuming.


Good for you for standing your ground! I would create a custom message template and just plop that in when this happens. Will save you a ton of time and finger fatigue.


Thank you @miiila and @humanissocial for your trick.
I donesn’t know that.