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The Good Days are Long Gone... Is Fiverr Customer Support Dead?

I reached out to customer support on September 21, 2020, I got an automated reply about 6 hours later and till date (15 days now) I have not received a single human reply as regards the issue I complained about.

The ticket remains dead open, I have no idea whether they are looking into it or not. And am wondering if this is what is called support on Fiverr. Personally, I just feel the good days of Fiverr are long gone. This is now a site that gives no f*** about its sellers.



Or you can wait. They are overloaded due to a lot of people contacted them with menial issues, not to mention a huge amount of new users. Add to that the statement above, they are working with a limited amount of staff and their country is under lockdown… Wait and they will help eventually.


It’s not dead, they just don’t care that much about sellers. They response to my issue after was after 1 week, but they response to my buyer less than 12 hours.

Yes, they reply to buyers faster because there are less buyers than sellers for inquiries. They also have different people on staff that just reply to buyers most likely.

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I’m a buyer and filed a complaint 7 days ago. Do not get a response yet. I have to keep requesting the seller to cancel the order until customer service gets back to me. So disappointing!

I didn’t even get the automated reply for my problem