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The Google recapture login is trash


I am so sick of selecting storefronts, cars, traffic lights and fire hydrants to try and log into this website. It has literally just taken my 5 minutes to log in. Is there not a faster way to do this is in 2019!?


Ah, yeah, that’s fun, innit. If you use an ad-blocker or something else that the Fiverr website doesn’t like, you could try turning that off, or using a separate browser without any of that especially for Fiverr if you need add-ons for your convenient browsing experience (who doesn’t). Support says Fiverr is optimized for Chrome, BTW, so it makes sense to make that one’s “Fiverr browser”.

Give my regards to the traffic lights especially, I miss them so much …

P. S.
Sometimes people seem to experience that it goes away on its own, so you could try waiting it out as well but, well, fire hydrants are pretty boring to look at.


Only five minutes? I spent about twenty minutes one night a couple of weeks ago endlessly country fire hydrants, traffic lights, cars, street signs, etc. Usually the pictures were so bad I couldn’t tell what was in them. I didn’t think I would ever get into fiverr again and have no idea why it happened in the first place. It finally stopped.