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The Great 7 Immutable Rules to get on top of Fiverr Sellers






3-Make your descriptions count, include keywords

and main points + offer bonuses

to be continued …

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Just wondering why you use the image of Sandra Nilsson ( for your gig… I’m not sure you’re allowed to do this.

Why don’t you use some of your pictures or, much better, record a video? This will seriously increase the exposure of your gig… so take this as another rule to add to your list!


Thanks! Finally, some real tips…


Do not grab the tags from the top rated sellers, but add your own tags different than these on the top sellers. When people searching by tag always top sellers are on the top and this means less promotion for your gig. Better use google adwords keyword planner and find some good keyword for tag, that the top rated sellers do not use.


Images and videos of gig makes a huge difference too!


Reply to @mark74: From looking over the site, a new user might get the idea that sales are best done by:

  • Using pictures of attractive women even when you are not, or Gig does not involve women
  • Offer the moon, deliver a scale replica
  • Make ample use of capital letters
  • Optional use of spelling (in any language)
  • Produce forum posts exposing the details of your latest buyer/seller drama

    Note: all of the above are not good ways of getting known in the community, and it would seem obvious. And still it happens all the time…


Reply to @madmoo: You don’t have to wait she’s copying directly from the ebook Fiverr Unstoppable starting on page 20. Although the Chapter is just called “The 7 Immutable Rules.” (not how to get on top of Fiverr sellers). The first 3 points are the top highlight of each of the first 3, word for word. Although, in the actual book it will then break it down into much better detail. This is to finish the 7:

4. Use your own images (and not copyrighted ones)

5. Include videos

6. Promote your gigs

7. Always publish the maximum of 20 gigs.

So there. :slight_smile: But the actual book has many more chapters and goes into way more helpful details.


Reply to @madmoo: I know, I was just playing along. :slight_smile:

Word of the Day: IMMUTABLE

(I never hear that word in actual use) :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Just watch a show like West Wing or something…I’m sure it’s in there somewhere…


Reply to @madmoo: Me too. I’m currently binge watching it right now. This is like the third time I’ve seen the series.

Anyway, I know President Bartlett used it at least once. I can just hear Martin Sheen saying it in my head…


Reply to @laughingcrow: Wait~! You forgot the most important one: Being a talented Copy and Paster! Because only the best sellers know how to finesse the keyboard to reproduce the best plagiarized material, with pictures~

And be sure to visit her OTHER copy/pasted post (she is a multi-talented copy/paster):


Reply to @mark74: i like here eyes


Reply to @mariadavid: I guess you also liked the eBook you stole from for this and your other posts, too.

Stealing and plagiarizing is not the way to show you “like” something. It’s just dishonest and in some cases illegal. It also doesn’t reflect well on your character.


@mariadavid also use images that eye catching and always over deliver… :slight_smile:


Reply to @mariadavid: oh, I like her eyes too… sure she is a very beautiful girl… but I think she won’t be that happy to see someone using her image pretending to be her!!! I think you should change your avatar…