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The Great American Eclipse

A solar eclipse will be seen over North America later today. Excitement is high as millions of people anticipate the event – with many traveling hundreds of miles just to see it at its peak. Are you planning to observe the eclipse? Where are YOU watching it from?

Add your voice to the commentary. Let’s share this moment in history!


I’m in the wrong part of the world to see it at its fullest, but may see something of it at about 8pm, just when it’s getting dark! :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy it! :sunglasses:


Awesome! Don’t forget to wear protective glasses :sunglasses:


I’m gonna see it from Telescope, This Eclipse is a Total what makes is beautiful and dangerous at the same time, People say a Total eclipse can be dangerous however this is not a practical application so i’m gonna observe the ring mainly, Just don’t use Magnifying glass you’ll get paranoid. :smiley:


Hey! At what exact time? I’ll stay glued to BBC/CNN. :smile:

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Driving about an hour NE from the Kansas City area will put us right on the bulls eye for totality, so that’s what we’re doing. What about you Jon?


We can’t see it in India?

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Don’t have any news channels…haven’t had one for more than a year now. Distraction.

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Yes but in labs we can a bit, Labs in south india will receive better showcase, I want to see the ring that’s all and i believe there would be a lot of people waiting for it in India but unfortunately :frowning:


Wut?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I always thought you would be following political news diligently…


I just follow a few pro-Modi Twitter handles. Get all my news and information from them. And I follow moneycontrol for business news and to watch my portfolio. But basically I use TV for cricket and football. Once or twice a month, I watch movies, but that’s about it. I haven’t read a newspaper or magazine in over 4 years :slight_smile:

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My brother traveled from Ireland to see it.


I’m in north Georgia and right in the path of the total eclipse. So, I plan to be in my backyard during it.
There’s a massive influx of people in our little mountain town due to the eclipse. Apparently NASA has set up an observation post not too far from here, one of many, I suppose.

The excitement over the eclipse is at a fever pitch around here. :grinning:


He came to the US to see it? :open_mouth:

Yeah, he is staying for 3 weeks too but that was the main reason he went!


Wow, that’s amazing! I hope he enjoys his stay here and the eclipse viewing. :sunglasses:

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I’m right in the path of the eclipse in South Carolina. I was thinking about going to the beach to watch but am a little afraid of the traffic. Every hotel room in town is sold out. There are a couple tracks/soccer fields near us which will likely be the best places to go. I sent my kids out driving around yesterday at the time when the eclipse will occur today to pick a spot. Although, the weather channel says that it might rain. Fingers crossed!


We are gathering with family. In Texas it will cover less than 70% of the sun but if the cloudy skies let up we should be in for something neat. They ran out of glasses here weeks ago so we built a pinhole projector to look with. Exciting!


Darn, y’all could have come over here to GA to watch it! :grinning:

Here in western NC we’ll have about 99.3% totality. Planning to go to one of the highest points in the city, the Lookout Observatory, to watch. Expect it to be crowded as all the students are back to university today, and the observatory is on UNCA grounds.