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The Great Buyer Disappearing Act, whats going on?

Hi Fiverrer’ss

So I’ve had a banging couple of weeks on Fiverr, but…
Why do some buyers buy your services who seem to appreciate what you did for them.
And you know you did an outstanding job for them…
Disappear! they let the clock run out or complete the sale.
They say they are going to leave feedback (without prompting) then never heard from again. They don’t ask for revisions or anything.
Strange but has happened a couple of times. Whats really going on. Im too new to understand the buyer psyche perhaps.

Steve Maxell


I have been experiencing it lately. Sadly you can’t do anything about it.

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It’s normal. Human behavior can be a mystery.


I hear you, Steve. I’ve been hit with some of the same recently. I think it’s just the way some buyers are. I don’t think it’s personal. Just sometimes “busy” or some other factor intrudes.


Unfortunately, I have gone through the same situation almost 4 months back. I must say that its a really hard time for sellers, it hurts even more if you are a new seller, a fresh graduate but highly passionate of doing freelance work. I stopped freelancing and start doing full-time job instead after thinking no matter how good services i will provide, the end will be the same. I guess they get better offers one reason that comes to my mind.

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I imagine people just get too busy, although as a buyer I am excited to see results. Positive feedback (unless the gig went very wrong) seems like a given too, everyone who uses fiverr has to know how important those ratings are for sellers.


Experienced this on my first order a few days ago. Completed the job within 2hrs as the buyer asked, but they haven’t viewed the entire conversation/order since they bought it.

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Once you deliver an order, the order is complete, and neither you, nor the buyer are obligated to do anything further. It should no longer matter whether the buyer chooses to respond or not. If they do respond, answer them. If not, continue with the completion of any other orders that you have, and appreciate the income that you have earned.


Does it show towards your completion ratio? I’ve noticed my ratio did not change. Even though I set it as complete this morning.

As long as you completed your order and delivered it on time, it will not negatively affect your order completion rate (even if the buyer disappears).


I’m not sure what you mean. All completed orders positively affect your completion ratio. Oftentimes the ratio is mathematical, so it won’t necessarily change from, say, 93% to 94%, when you deliver a single order. It depends entirely upon how many active orders you have waiting to be completed, and how many were completed and canceled within any 60-day period.


busy busy. I think the majority of buyers are just busy, and keeping quality communication with their fiverr seller is not near the top of their priorities.

It happens sometimes with buyers I have extended experience with, also

Right now I’m at 79% rated orders, (as my prices increased the frequency of reviews decreased)

there are so many mysteries of disappearing buyers, including those who have gone through an extensive discussion over the details of an order, and once I’ve created the offer… poof

or buyers that were very excited and talkative in the beginning, they disappeared halfway through and I don’t even know if they picked up the delivery :man_shrugging:

I’ll always wonder what happened to them :slight_smile:

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Not all buyers are familiar with how this place works. They pay for the service (place an order) and once you deliver it, they just download the file- probably thinking “as soon as I check the work I’ll comeback to rate it” and that never happens. In my experience, no news are good news.
I had this client months ago (when my writing rates were 3-4 times lower). He/she placed an order, I wrote the article, delivered it and he/she disappeared (5e order was automatically completed). Three weeks ago, the guy shows up out of nowhere and places a $600 order with just a few lines about what he needs. I wrote it and delivered, order automatically completed. Last week he pops up again- $400 order and an instruction that contained literally 12 words.
It seems he likes me and I like him.
What I’m trying to tell you- you never know who is on the other side and how much he/she is going to spend.


Right, I wasn’t complaining. I just thought it was weird that they requested 2hr delivery and haven’t come back to the order to download the files.

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I think part of the issue is that it no longer shows on the dashboard to do list.

With the old dashboard it popped up as a notification. It no longer does. Instead the buyer gets an email notification about the order being marked as complete.

I have seen a huge decline in rated orders but it doesn’t bother me personally.


Not saying this is the case by any means, but I have had experience with narcissism. Some people just want what want at any cost and then poof when they get it. That’s the best I can up with.
NO customers i’m not suggesting its you

lol 1% completion percentage is the only thing i’m worried about . As that is what I’ll need on the 15th to be level 1

lol, maybe I overstated it when I said “I’ll always wonder” because you’ve obviously thought more deeply into it than I

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Just a joke to lighten the pain of not knowing :wink:

I particularly like this answer :star_struck:

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