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The Great Depression Of Fiverr


Greetings Fiverr Users;

Kathi Appelt once said :

“An entire nation, it seemed, was standing in one long breadline, desperate for even the barest essentials”

Kathi spoke about The Great Depression of the US, but unlike her, we have The Great Depression Of Fiverr! We, as the sellers, are one big nation, but we are standing on one line, begging for even the least essentials. I’d like to think that if all sellers Help Each Other, all of us would prosper in a rate that is suitable to all.
I wouldn’t give tips, cause no matter how much tips a person follows, it wouldn’t give that much of a profit – however, I’d like to hear from the sellers below this post.
What do you think?!


This post momentarily (as I am a positive person) depresses me reading it.

However, I give lots of tips and I am sure some of them help some people. That is why I keep doing it!

I don’t see the Great Depression of Fiverr! :slightly_smiling_face:


What? Fiverr is not a socialist site. You EARN your success here, it is not given to you just because you want to wait around for someone to give you money. This is not a site for begging. This is a site for hard working entrepreneurs that are willing to work hard – as creative business men and women – to earn every dollar they make by providing services that their target customers need.

It is not my – our – job to make you successful. You’re supposed to do that yourself. Those are YOUR gigs after all. So it is YOUR responsibility to build them into earning machines. We’re not going to do that for you.

Everything you need to know in order to become successful is already written in Fiverr’s help section and Terms of Service at the bottom of every Fiverr page. You can also find thousands of previous topics here on the forum that will help you as well, merely by taking the time to read and learn. The forum search function is an extremely helpful feature for ambitious sellers who want to learn how to become successful, and take their success into their own hands.

I think you have some WORK to do. :wink:


You are just going too harsh on the facts, I wasn’t talking about myself, this is a site that I use but never depend on, so I cannot be bothered, I’m just ranting the whole mechanism of how Fiverr works. And giving some tips from my perspective.


The truth is often harsh to those who don’t want to hear it.

Then why was your original post and request for a response full of the pronoun “I”. You were, most definitely, referring to yourself throughout your comments.

Then why are you complaining about Fiverr not giving you a free handout? Why did you bother to write your odd post in the first place?

The “Your Fiverr Experience” is not the forum to rand about how Fiverr works. There is a forum called “The Ranting Pot” for that. Please be sure to post your topics in the correct forum category.

You offered zero tips. You merely ranted. Rants are not helpful tips.


I have absolutely no idea what you’re on about.

How can you compare Fiverr to a country? Fiverr never promised/guaranteed sellers orders/sales. Some sellers put in the effort to make a good description and deliver excellent services… while others… don’t. I don’t see the point in helping such sellers who — although unwilling to put in the hard work/effort to get sales — magically expect to make a lot of money on Fiverr. You cannot compare such sellers to the people who starved to death during the Great Depression.

Fiverr doesn’t have a legal obligation to provide all its users with essential resources for their sustenance. Your comparison of what’s happening in Fiverr to the Great Depression is just ridiculous.

As @jonbaas correctly put it: You EARN your success. Some people expect to get free handouts and earn money on Fiverr without having to put in any effort. That’s just not right. If you need help with Fiverr related stuff, we are here to help you. However, don’t expect others to help you through each and every step until you’re able to stand on your own two feet and achieve success. That’s your job. You need to be self-motivated.


I’m not begging for anything. Your post doesn’t make sense to me.

It sounds like you have been listening to too many politicians.

As for helping each other, that’s not how fiverr works. You are on your own here. And there is nothing wrong with that.

I see you just started. I’m not sure where you are getting your ideas about fiverr.


I wholeheartedly agree with your post!

We should have a Fiverr Social Welfare system just like the one Dennmark and Switzerland have!

If I want to go to a vacation - who is objective reality to stop me from doing so?! That’s just plain old fascism!

We need to unite, form a syndicate and get a $500 certain monthly payments to ALL Sellers on vacation so I can finally take some time off to get that belly dance in Istanbul’s Old City Tavern, do interval sprint training on Rome’s Spanish Steps (desecration, I know!), get piss drunk with Russian brothers in Sankt Petersburg and finally catch a glimpse of that famous Aurora Borealis in northern Norway, without having to worry about Fiverr Great Depression and payin’ my bills. Yeah - Paris’ Eiffel tower (cliche, I know) and Lisbon’s parks would do me good as well.

Yes… Yes!

That’s exactly what we should get! No more depression but a Fiverr Social Welfare System for ALL! Unite Sellers of Fiverr!


(Can I get a special welfare check bonus for being a Stop-Fiverr-Great-Depression-United-Seller-Syndicate official representative? My Sri Lanka adventure won’t pay for itself!)


Comparing your lack of orders to a depression that put people into horrible poverty is very offensive and illogical.

You aren’t being oppressed by not getting orders.


I was drinking my coffee when I read this…
and thanks to you sir, it’s all over my PC screen.
I’m gonna sue you for the damage done to my screen, my desk, and oh,
I want a fresh new cup of coffee! :wink:


A comparison to an event that affected an entire nation and more is disrespectful to the people who went through the worst of it.

This is extreme and totally inaccurate. We are not one nation as sellers. We are a large group of independent contractors who happen to share a platform. We don’t stand in any one line together. I don’t feel like Fiverr is any sort of “depression” for me as a seller and if I did I would walk away from it. I do not beg and am not part of a line of people who do so. Most of the people I see who post here begging are unskilled individuals who also lack the ability to sell themselves.

I don’t know how you think sellers could help each other, but no matter how it is done, it wouldn’t cause all sellers to prosper. That isn’t how this site works.


I should point out… that isn’t actually a quote attributed to me. My pic next to @alaa_nasro1337 's comment about standing in line, begging for essentials could be misleading to other readers. Just saying. :wink:


Yep. You hit the nail on the head here. I wish it wasn’t true, but it is. Well-said.


Quote fixed. Bad scrolling for a poor quote now attributed to the OP! :wink:

I made sure to mention that it was the “begging” sellers who are usually like that. People who just come here to ask for genuine help aren’t begging and many of them are skilled and just need some peer support.


I agree. Wholeheartedly.


Find an alternative to Fiverr, mine is Lyft. I finally got serious about it, started driving 4-5 hours a day, and now I’m making $50 to $100 a day, plus whatever I make on Fiverr.

My point is find alternatives, perhaps an exit strategy. What if tomorrow Fiverr becomes a Pro-only website? What if they ban profitable gigs? Anything can happen.


I do think we are in a way helping each other a lot.
I mean, isn’t the forum the place where we can ask/get help? I know I did.

The depression part though, I need to disagree.
There are dry-up periods that hits us every now and then, but it is faaaar from depression.