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The great experience

Hi everyone, just wanted to say this is a great platform and it took a while to figure it out. I see there are some pretty cool people. Good luck to all sellers and buyers. I wanted to let you all know about the great American experience that you can witness here in America. This is the rail experience that takes you throughout America with hotels and tours included. If you want to know more about American rail vacations visit my fiverr site.


You can’t use Fiverr to resell services. I’m reporting this.

I thought we can post our fiverr gigs.

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You can. That isn’t what I’m saying. Read my comment again.

Your gig breaks the ToS. You can’t use Fiverr to resell services or fulfill programs and it doesn’t fit into any of the accepted gig categories anyway. Read the Terms of Service. It would make no sense for Fiverr to let you do this.

Fiverr is for personally fulfilled projects only. You can’t use it to sell products or services or programs.

I’m a travel agent and I book these vacations. I’m allowed to work on here as a travel agent.

Thanks for your likes riza_malik.

I didn’t say travel agents weren’t allowed.

The issue I raised isn’t who you are, but what you are selling here.

Read the ToS. What you’re selling is not allowed.

As a travel agent, everything I book is through suppliers, the service I offer requires that I tell buyers what options they have. Rail vacations are another option. I’m letting people know that I can find them something here in America and that they don’t have to go overseas. Not everyone book these vacations but I do. This is one of my gigs if you look on my page.


You’re booking through suppliers. That isn’t allowed. You aren’t allowed to use Fiverr to resell services. I’m not sure how else I can say that to you so you will understand. Read the ToS.

Travel agents do not own cruises, trains, hotels or flights. We can only book them.

I know. I’m not saying you do. You’re not getting it and misinterpreting everything I say. Forget it.

All you have to do is read the ToS.