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The greatest Fiverr Update of all time! (Nudge-Nudge)


Finally, the simple decision to change the “NUDGE NUDGE” button and message has happened and it has been replaced with something that doesn’t make us look like unprofessional muppets!
It now shows a “Send Reminder” button and when you press it, it automatically sends the following message:

Reminder: Please fill out the required information by clicking Provide Requirements above. If you have any questions, I will be happy to help.

Forget everything else! This is the best thing that has ever happened.

PS. Can anyone tell me if the ALOHA! message is gone too? :pray:

Troubleshooting for Buyers: My Seller is Nudging Me! (ORDER STATUS INCOMPLETE)

oh this is awesome. That nudge nudge thing got on my nerves, lol.


Buyer request changed to Send Quote


Eoin, That always made me think of this:

On a side note, when I clicked the linked video, the ad that played was a 60 second ad for fiverr, yes the lady is still on the toilet. VO says “So get up off that toilet.”, One step forward, two back. SMDH


Are you talking about this ALOHA ? :smiley: It’s still here :smiley:


Oh well, it was too much to hope for.
One step at a time I guess.
Perhaps I can have another great day tomorrow when they remove this.


Wait, but if you get up off a toilet, take one step forward and then take two back… what happens?


Well, Fiverr is all pro now. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe next is a native dropbox thingie to not ruin the CI feeling by having to send a dropbox link. :wink:

But better leave the Aloha inside! …


Say no more, nudge, nudge, wink wink.


Great way to make a splash as a DO(ODOO)er


I just hired a fiverr PRO to make me a $10,000 logo, here she is hard at work.

Like the campaign says “Get Shit Done.”

*Actual framegrab from fiverr “Doer” spot.


Are you starting a campaign to get people to Go Vegan, I see she has begun with a storyboard already.


Thank you very much. :thumbsup:


ROFL, that actually just sunk in.


At least it didn’t float.

Im leaving, don’t worry.



Same here, when I first saw the message I was mortified. I messaged the buyer and told him those weren’t my words. :fearful:

After that, I messaged the buyer to remind them to provide the requirements.


This is very good news indeed! :confetti_ball:


Finally! I hated it when a buyer asked me what nudge is, or why I’m yelling (that all-caps text) :unamused:


Eoin, you can clean up the forum now. :wink: