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The hallopumpkins is one sucessful

the idea came up last 2 weeks ago and I made it real since halloween is already here as it is already October one, I am flooded with orders so I will officially say that it is sucessful for me.Will be busy this week and expecting more orders in the first week of october as Halloween is fast approaching! It´s really great for me and had fun making every short videos for the buyers!

yes try something different for the halloween then it might work for you :slight_smile:

Reply to @memoto28: Well done, your pumpkin gig actually inspired me to do a halloween gig of my own :slight_smile: Good Luck!!!

Reply to @nicred: Go get wild with cool ideas nicred and let me know what you came up! :slight_smile: now I am planning again for something new for the halloween while there is still time.

:slight_smile: this is what I came up with

Reply to @nicred: although I replied so late but I must say it looks so adorable nicred :slight_smile: