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The Hang of Level Two

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share with all of you out there that I just became a Level 2 seller. I thank Fiverr and all the buyers who have helped me get the hang of this amazingly awesome thing called Fiverr. It has been a blessing for me and I hope it continues to be so. Planning to turn full time Fiverr Seller. Any Tips from any of you awesome guys are welcome. Anybody who wants to advice me or become a friend to me is welcome.



Hey, conrgats! That’s really exciting that you’ve hit 2nd level. It was a massive rush for me when it happened, too! Fiverr has really done so much to help out me and my family with the ability to earn additional income by utilizing my talents to do interesting work that I enjoy doing.

One thing that you can do that may assist you with sales is to add text blurbs at the bottom of your gigs with links to your other gigs. Something along the lines of “Looking for something more like this? The check out this gig”. That could help open your buyers eyes to the other gigs you offer, and could potentially line up more purchases, to boot.