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The Hazards Behind Pausing a Fiverr GIG!


I Am a newbie at Fiverr.

I Am working monthly with a client, and I don’t want to receive extra gigs currently.
So, I pause my gig and resume it whenever it’s time for my client to order.

Is such behavior risky for my gig on the long-run?
Can pausing a gig prevent it from appearing on the first page?

#Thank you!


I do not know exactly, but fiverr have the algorithm that once I have change my gig title and some correction from that time the gig seem as like a new gig, the gig had 25 review and the carousel but after the change the title Everything was treat as like new gig, So I think it will effect on your gig, brother, Thanks

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That’s great! Thank you.

No one on the forums can say for sure what happens when you pause a gig (as only the Fiverr team will know this), but in my experience (over seven years) it certainly takes a few days or a week or two for a gig to resume its former popularity once it’s been paused and then taken off pause. I only ever pause a gig when I absolutely have to - knowing that I will take a hit on orders once I take it off pause.

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:ok_hand: keep it up

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Thank you guys. Appreciate the help.