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The High Rated Seller - Is that because the late orders get cancelled by the seller? I think so

I reached out to several word cloud designers on fiverr and booked an “all the extras included” gig with the first seller who responded to my request. I sent everything the seller needed to complete the gig and expected things to go smoothly because the seller was so highly rated…BUT…2 days into the gig, the seller sends me a mock up without my business name, phone #, website and email information because “I’m waiting for your business information”…uh, the business info was sent in the original message… I did not complain, just sent the information… Seller responded with a “lovely” and “thank you” and I’m thinking… “we’re getting close”… I book another fiverr for some promotional material which will incorporate my new word cloud logo… I tell that seller to please start the work, the logo will be on its way shortly because I hired another fiverr to do it and was assured that I “will get this tonight”… checked fiverr all night… put the computer away thinking, oh well, tomorrow will work… NOTHING next day… ALL DAY… finally, after the project is nearing 2 days late, I send a message that simply said, “I thought you said I would get this the day I sent you the business info”… the seller wrote back that I was rude… The next day the seller wrote again, “I was just about to send you the order, but I’m cancelling it”… Reason for cancel by seller: “buyer was rude”… Now, I ask you guys… do you think the seller really thought I was rude, or did she just look into the future, see a negative review looming in the distance and decide to make me, the buyer, suffer - after an entire week of waiting on a 3 day project to end up with no project at all and another project that can’t be completed because there’s no logo to send to that fiverr… I think that seller’s positive review rating must only consist of NON-CANCELLED ORDERS… and, I’m thinking there are probably a lot more CANCELLED ORDERS than there are NON-CANCELLED ORDERS… Fudging the ratings… that’s a shame…

I assure you that top rated sellers have a lot of satisfied clients, and while it’s true that sometimes we offer cancellations to protect our rating, this is the exception rather than the rule, not to mention the fact that some buyers will leave you a negative review even if you do revisions. Some buyers think that you earned the money even if they didn’t like the work, and instead of leaving it at that, they write a negative review to warn others or out of hate.

Some buyers take it very personally when they don’t like the work they get, they don’t realize that every order is different.

Frankly, I’m surprised he or she screwed up your order. I thought word cloud sellers had a special software that allows them to create word cloud in various shapes? Or where your demands too specific? Did you wanted to have the phone number in the last row and the company name in the first?

Don’t give up, just hire someone else.

Reply to @kjblynx: I love getting paid, don’t take me wrong, but if it’s a $5 or $10 order, I’d rather give a refund instead of a bad review. I’m very much afraid of bad reviews, I know I’ve only gotten 16, but how many more negatives will it take for my rating to drop to 97%? And will getting more positive reviews keep me at 98%? Will I ever go back to 99%? This is what scares me. I just hope buyers understand that few people stay at 100%.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Most buyers don’t seem to get that and the problem is compounded by Fiverr support. I’ve seen someone post screen shots that clearly demonstrated buyers breaking the ToS and Fiverr still backed the buyer’s 1 star review.

Reply to @fonthaunt: That sucks, I get that Fiverr is a buyer’s market, without buyers, there wouldn’t be sellers, but they should treat both of us fairly, not just the buyers.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I totally agree. Buyers already have to play dodgeball with the scam seller accounts so it would be in their best interest too if Fiverr offered more support for solid seller accounts. I did see another TRS say that Fiverr definitely backs TRS accounts more than others, so maybe that will help protect you. I’d be nervous too, though. I wish they would go back to the thumbs system and I don’t know of any seller who is in love with the 5 star.

Reply to @fastcopywriter:

Considering that a single 4.5 rating can drop you a whole % if you have a lower count of sales. It takes around 8-10 5 stars to get that one back to 100%. I can only imagine what you must have to do to get back up.


If this was to happen again, inform the seller that you paid for the service and you expect your work done and decline the cancellation. Now I know this normally turns to buyers able to cancel without consent from seller after 3 days late… and I don’t condone being late at all if it can be helped as a seller in general.

But if you decline a mutual cancellation in the future if this happens again the ball comes to your court as a buyer. Just make sure you explain that you paid for the project to get done and let them know if they cant produce that you will take action… then give them 1-2 more days if they fail then to deliver… you can cancel the order and they wont have a say and you will be covered with customer support.

However please note that if you go that route ensure the seller has the ability to perform the task and don’t be afraid to request modifications… but try not to hurt a seller if you order something they can not do for what ever reason instead accept the mutual cancellation as accidental buys happen a bit on fiverr for various reasons.

I was very unhappy while reading this post. I suggest you to go with someone else. Many top rated user do the same you had mention above. Sometime i also do this when i was not able to deliver work on time or due to some circumstance.

ardicus said: It takes around 8-10 5 stars to get that one back to 100%
How does that work? 100% is ALL. No matter how many you get after, it will never be all.

Thanks for the calming reply. I’m just seeing it, but it helps.

Yes, everyone should be treated fairly. There are likely “bad buyers”, but I’m certain there are “bad sellers” because I’ve experienced it. Here’s an exchange between me and that “bad seller” this morning… how can fiverr allow a seller to lobby against other sellers working with a buyer?

Here’s what I bought on September 7, 2016.
5 Revisions
2 Logos Included
Include Source File
Logo Transparency
Printable Resolution File
Include 3D Mockup
Vector File

I got 3 Revisions - which is FINE, believe me, but I certainly did not get “extra” anything… I don’t know anything about creating logos, etc., which is why FIVERR is such a great option for us buyers…so can someone please tell me what file type is a VECTOR File because I don’t believe I got that particular image yet… not sure tho… Anyway, here is how the “relationship” ended on a 3 day gig that took 12 days…

ME: (I didn’t comment, but apparently my rating of poor rendered the following comment): Unacceptable Experience

SELLER: One of the pathetic client ever seen on any freelancing platform. Sent all files with some extra file nd within time. Alos sent more than 3 concepts for free. but he is still not happy. NOTE: Sellers please beaware from him, don’t accept any order from him.

SELLER: if you are not happy then take your refund. I am also not happy to work with you and i don’t want to take your money Thanks

ME: No, I’m going to use the logos that I FINALLY received, so I won’t take the refund. You delivered LATE and you obviously didn’t READ the emailed instructions on what I wanted. I communicated CLEARLY - YOU did not…How dare you attack ME as a BUYER because YOU FAILED as a SELLER. I’m going to let FIVERR know how upsetting it is to be attacked and lobbied against as a potential buyer of OTHER SELLERS’ work! Shame on you!!

So I ask you - was I a “bad buyer”? In my heart and I mind I most certainly was not. I welcome YOUR thoughts, though.

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