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The higher your level, the more sales you get?

Does anyone have any experience from this? I’ve seen people mentioning about receiving less sales after losing a level. Especially that when someone mentioned getting less than half as many sales after losing TRS. I too once dropped to level 1, and did see similar performance drop. And as soon as I was promoted again, sales and message amounts returned to normal on the same day still. :scream:

It can’t be a coincidence, but I do remember a staff member saying here that levels have no direct effect on sales. :thinking:


The same happened with me too, it became normal now.

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I am a veteran seller who has made consistent sales, no matter what seller level I had, so, as I’ve noted before, the seller level does not determine how successful you will be on Fiverr.

Your sales success is more about how you present yourself, the reputation you have built within your service category, and how well you connect to your target customer base.

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There was analysis done in 2016 of Fiverr (like a whitepaper thing), before the new level requirements/evaluations and it found that the avg revenue of level 1 sellers was $112.66, level 2 was $1417.15 and top rated was $22,413.26 based on data from the last 9 months as of the time of the analysis. So on average the level you have (and the amount you charge) does make a difference (at least based on that 2016 analysis).