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The highs and lows of Fiverr in 24 hours

Another mini rant. Today has been an odd day for me on Fiverr. Highs and lows.

It started with one returning buyer being extremely generous and paying me over the market rate for my work - just because they were happy with what I had delivered previously and because they said they could afford to be generous. I was paid 5x my gig rate. Their job took me 15 minutes. Happy days.

Then an hour later I had a different returning buyer asking me to quote for a job. Again, their job would have taken about 15 minutes to complete - but I have a minimum charge of $10 (I refuse to work for $5). The buyer said I was quoting “way too much” and he would “pay me $5”. I wasn’t going to drop my price. I didn’t hear back from then - and probably never will. Not so happy days.

I should add that both buyers were from the UK.
EDIT: I mention the above as I’m also from the UK - I’m not calling out a country in a negative way. I’m just pointing out that we’d all be aware of what is a fair hourly rate for a UK based freelancer.

Buyers, please respect a seller’s skills and experience - don’t abuse them and try and beat them down on price. For 15 minutes of my time, one buyer was prepared to pay $50 - another only $5. Had the last seller paid the $10 I quoted they would have got a great return on their investment. But they were mean.


There are few buyer who thinks that they’ll get the whole project done within 5$.
they must know at-least we are not homeless


Just out of curiosity: Why is that? If your hourly rate is $40 why wouldn’t take a $5 order that takes 5 minutes to complete for example?

I’m not questioning btw, I’m merely curious because I love the instant gratification that $5 orders provides.

Not sure how things are in your field, but as a WordPress developer there are plenty of tasks that can be completed in under 5 minutes.

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How is this a low? I get low ballers every day. Probably turn down 75% of contacts. That’s just normal. A Fiverr high is something like that first case, a Fiverr low is when you get an order open with threats of cancelation and bad reviews. Getting low ballers is just average, neither high nor low, just noise.


Same here.
I consider low ballers practice for how many times I can say “not interested”. Just normal traffic on the Fiverr-Highway.


I think the ‘low’ in question is also a matter of different perspectives, and that there are varying degrees to it. I guess it could also vary from day to day based on contextual circumstances. As in, if you’re already having a bad day, and an entitled buyer comes around with a ridiculous message, you’d probably feel a lot more meh than you normally would.

But I do get the kind of ‘low’ you’re talking about @english_voice. It’s quite demeaning when buyers gloss over the fact that you’re charging $X for a skill and try to bring it down - it does get to you after a point because you aren’t being respected for what you bring to the table. But unfortunately, there are always going to be peeps like this out there.

However, there’s also (insert your favorite drink or ice-cream flavour’s name) to help you deal with all the idiocy out there on the days it’s more meh. So pour (or scoop) yourself a strong one.


For me, it is all about ‘evening out.’

I would have thought: Ok, I scored with order 1 and got paid way more than my usual rate. So, I am willing to do order 2, especially if it is an easy-going returning buyer.

It is not about ALL about money. It is also for me about that positive feedback, another order to add to my gig’s stats. It pays to ‘build’ your profile.

That said, @english_voice, I won’t accept the $5 gig from just anybody. It is a bit subjective, but it will depend if I had some positive feedback from them in the past and if it was easy to do their job.

Sometimes, as a personal challenge, I would try and be more than awesome on the $5 job. 9 out of 10 times, the buyer ordered again and for a larger amount. I once accepted a $5 buyer request about two years ago, and that buyer turned out to give me free rein on his blog writing - I’ve just submitted his order for another 12 blogs over the next two months. And no, it is not for $5 per blog anymore.

I am just saying! It is all a matter of perspective. Also, as @urdeke said, instant gratification is a HUGE part of why I am on Fiverr.


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I would understand if the buyer was from Latino America, cause with 10 dolars you can eat for an entire week. But UK? He’s just being a jerk

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For me it’s about managing client expectations. If I do one order for $5 then they will expect the same $5 service in future. As a UK based seller, I can’t afford to mess around with $5 orders. All my other clients accept my pricing structure.


Yes, you are 100% correct with picking up on my meaning! It’s the fact that the buyer didn’t value the service I was offering - taking into account experience, skills, qualifications, etc. I know there are some sellers who are desperate for their first order, but I’m not that person. I’m an established freelancer with 20+ years’ experience in my chosen field. I charge a little more than some other sellers because of this.


Best of luck for next

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I do actually agree with you, as there have been occasions in the past when I’ve said to a client “I’m happy to do this quick job for $X just because we’ve been working together for a while” - but in my case it was also the tone of the client that got to me - almost suggesting that I was trying to rip them off by asking for $10 and not $5. I’ve got to a point in life where I’m not prepared to accept that from a client.


Yes, you understand me perfectly! As a UK based seller I can’t afford to accept $5 orders. The ironic thing is that the very skill that I offer on Fiverr is based around the fact that I’m a native UK speaker / writer!