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The History of Portugal and Translation from ENG to PT. Come check them out!

My name is Diogo and I live in Portugal.
You might have seen me replying to other people that were having problems with their gigs.
I am not having any sort of problems with them (although I accept suggestions), but I came here to ask you to check them out!
I am doing 45 minutes Lessons of the History of Portugal, where you can choose from many themes, such as Lusitania, “Reconquista” Founding of Portugal, Discovery Age, Iberian United and Revolution of 1640, the Industrial Era, Republic Revolution of 1910, the Dictatorship “Estado Novo” and the Carnation Revolution of 1974.
In all of these themes, “sub themes” are included.

I am also doing Translations from English to Portuguese and Vice Versa, where you can request the Translation of a text or even a video. You can choose from 3 packages, each containing up to 500 words, 1500 words and 6000 words, with the option of adding even more words.
All these jobs have something in common:

  • Fast Delivery
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • Cheap

So, did I leave you interested?
Go check them out, you will be helping me too even if you don’t purchase them. (History of Portugal) (Translation)

Many Regards to Everyone