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The Holiday Season - Like It or Hate It?


It seems the holiday season can truly be a mixed of both like and hate when it comes to fiverr.
I noticed that sales for my holiday related gigs are up like crazy, however my regularly selling gigs are getting less exposure and sales.

I believe it is definitely due to the holiday season. A great excuse to take a little break and enjoy the quite time…

In concision, If there was a button to simply skip the holiday season, would you press it ?
I probably would… :slight_smile:

Interesting stuffs about this new forum
Interesting stuffs about this new forum

Yep, skip for sure… I find buyers are extra disorganized and frantic around this time of year. And personally, I’m not a Christmas fan and think it’s only fun for kids. Which it was fun for me as a kid… but as an adult, bleh. My sales on Fiverr have pretty much stayed the same throughout the past few weeks it seems, but I anticipate it slowing in the next few days, unless there are more anti-christmas peeps like me! hah


My favorite time of the year, love every bit of it, doesn’t matter whether I get orders or not. There is more to life than that.