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The Holy Grail of Fiverr


That’s hitting a lifetime earning of $100k. Do that, and you have arrived. I still have a long way to go to get there. If any of you have achieved it, do tell! I know one very smart seller who achieves this landmark every year :grinning:


I’m currently at 94K. Not feeling any different though… heck, not even feeling rich like some might think.


That’s awesome…you are in Romania, a low expense country. Nice! I have a very good client from Romania, who has been paying $10 every week for 2 articles since April 2014 :slight_smile: Nicest person I know, never says anything, always smiling, but never reviews, unfortunately. LOL.


I like to think that I’ve been born in a place & time that aren’t mine. Hence why I’ve isolated myself in a remote place. Hopefully my time machine will be ready before I fade away so that I can return to my rightful time and place.

[edit: yeah, I never get any reviews from my fellow people either - can’t understand them, maybe they’re not my people either? so don’t hold a grunge against me 'cause of my people, for I’m different :stuck_out_tongue: ]


LOL… I have a genuine affection for Romanians…all my experiences with Romanian clients have been excellent. This gentleman is a good friend of mine now, we always have small talk when he orders. He is also my oldest and most regular client, although he orders just $10 every week.