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The Human Relationships When Selling On Fiverr (13 Seller Tips)


I’ve seen a ton of tips and advice posts and never thought I would add one myself since most things have been said already, but now that I’ve gotten some Fiverr experience I feel like I have a few things to add to the mix :slight_smile: I am a firm believer that the personal relationship between the seller and buyer is crucial for repeat business! That’s how I’ve received such reviews as “King of Fiverr”, “Johan delivered and then some! Just awesome!” and “Brilliant as usual!” :smiley:

I work as a translator but I believe most of these would apply to any kind of Fiverr gig.

1. Passion. The single most important thing to achieve Fiverr success is to be passionate about what you do. Whether you’re an artist (of any kind) or do something more “dry”, it’s important that you enjoy it. Your passion will show in your work. And doing the work doesn’t feel like a burden.

2. Always strive for 5 star reviews. And I mean always. Every single project you take on, no matter the size, deserves your full attention.

3. The tiny jobs matter. Your smallest $5 orders still (hopefully) earn you the same five star reviews as any major projects, and give you the opportunity to boost your statistics in terms of delivery time.

4. Be available. While you don’t need to be online 24/7, having the Fiverr app on your phone or the Fiverr website tab open on your laptop as you work on something else helps. As soon as you see the notification on your phone or glance at the website you’ll be able to instantly respond to any inquiries. You can easily score a gig just by being more responsive than your competitors.

5. Give a little extra. I always try to give a small bonus to each of my customers. It could be to deliver my work both in a Word file and PDF. I often do this if the translated document is formatted to specific visual needs. If you’re an artist, maybe it could be to deliver two slightly different versions that don’t take you many minutes to make. If you do this, make sure you let your customer know your thought process behind the two versions as this shows to them that you’ve cared and paid attention to their needs.

6. (Briefly) explain your thought process. If there’s a word or term that cannot be directly translated, I stick to the translation I believe is the most accurate one for the context and explain my choice when I deliver the work. This shows the buyer that I care about the meaning of their project. If you’re an artist, you could do this with a particular artistic choice. Why do you think your choice is right for the client?

7. Pay attention. And show it. If the buyer has some specific needs or requirements, you need to 1) make sure you listen to them, and 2) make sure the buyer knows that you listened to them. As mentioned in number 5 and 6, when you deliver, include a sentence about something you did because you think it fits into what the buyer needs and wants. Also let them know that you’re there for them if they disagree with your choice. Even if they do disagree, they will give you props for showing that you thought about it.

8. Allow for revisions. I sometimes hate it when a client gets back to me because they “forgot” a part of the text or they want you to make a change. Once I’ve delivered a project, I’d rather forget about it and move on to the next. But of course, I can’t show my client that. They’re potential repeat customers and if their request is not very time consuming, I will fix it for them immediately without complaint.

But if their request is unreasonable, something more time consuming, or something that is clearly a new order and not at all your fault, kindly offer to send them a custom offer for a new order instead. After all, your time is money.

9. Form a bond with repeat clients. When I went on holiday recently I took the time to message my best clients a week before to let them know, and offered to either do any projects that they might have right now or that they kindly wait for me to return. Several of them waited for me rather than find someone else when I was unavailable.

Another time a client I had never before dealt with asked me if I was going to watch the football game that night. I went on to suggest a bet on the outcome - if I won he would give me a $5 tip, and if he won I would offer a $5 discount on a future order. He left me the best review I’ve ever received and has become a repeat buyer.

10. Upsell. Fiverr likes to point out that people who send custom offers or use the three packages option tend to earn more per sale. That’s because these orders typically include extras that a simple order doesn’t include, such as faster delivery. Without pushing, let your buyer know that faster delivery, additional revisions, etc is available at an extra cost, especially if they ask about it.

As an example, I recently successfully changed a $35 order to a $120 order because the client wanted an element of transcribing (not pure text-to-text translating) as well as faster delivery. They happily paid, and if the price tag was too high for them they did have the option to stick to a simpler translation format and standard delivery time.

11. Customer service. This goes hand in hand with a lot of what I’ve already mentioned, but customer service is important to point out. Treat each buyer and potential buyer with respect, honesty, professionalism and friendliness. Give out a serious impression, but don’t be all too serious. It’s another human being on the other end and a little chemistry or at least an effort to build rapport goes a long way.

12. Price matters. I left this one to the end on purpose because it’s a sensitive topic. It’s hard to find the balance of what your time is worth and not scaring away clients. I would hate to see others drive down my rates, but the reality is that if you’re new to Fiverr with zero reviews or credibility, your number one tool to attract attention is competitive rates. If you don’t offer more value for money, why should someone hire you over that other guy who has 130 five star reviews?

13. Deliver quality. Finally, make sure each delivery you make is quality work. Don’t do half a job. And charge your clients accordingly.

There you go. My top tips and advice on how to succeed on Fiverr :slight_smile:


great post sir! sharing is caring thanks :slight_smile:


I really appreciate what you write. :grinning: