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The Hurdles Of Publishing Apps In Google Play

When we have this idea, this concept about an app that we believe to be brilliant and work hard on it, develop the app, giving it shape, in reality, the last step always seems to be the hardest - to publish our app, get it approved in Google Play store and watch it go live and gain user traction.

Let’s state what happens when your app or say apps, get warnings, removed, rejected, or suspended from Google Play:

  • While warnings don’t impact the standing of your Google Play Developer account, but your app will be removed after the number of days found in the initial warning email.

  • Removals don’t immediately impact the standing of your Google Play Developer account, although multiple removals may result in a suspension.

  • Rejections also don’t impact the standing of your Google Play Developer account. But if an update to an existing app was rejected, the version published prior to the update is still available on Google Play.

  • Suspensions count as strikes against the good standing of your Google Play Developer account. Multiple policy violations can result in suspension, as can repeated app rejections or removals, as I previously stated.

Always remember to make note of fixing the policy violation for such warnings, removal, rejection, or suspension. Never republish a rejected or removed app before the cause has been remedied.

To know more on Policy Violation infractions, click below,

So why this last step - this app publishing procedure is so darn hard to pass? What can we, the developers, the product owners, entrepreneurs, and the like, do to achieve that success with our app that we so rightly deserve?

Learn from each mistake that we make along the way, those we encounter while trying to publish our apps are not hurdles to fear, but lessons to learn from.

I have come to understand the nuances of How What 'n Whys behind the headaches and rejections that any of us developers suffer while trying to publish the apps that we have worked so hard on. To alley these same issues for you, I have now created a gig in which I offer my service to you ensuring that you get to see your app or apps going live in Google Play store, without a hitch.

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