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The Hype is for Real: Just Saw Bahubali 2


Amazing! One of the best films I have ever seen. Has borrowed heavily from the Ramayana and Mahabharata, and is very Indic or Hindu in its approach. It is a Telugu film (I saw the version dubbed in Hindi), not the usual Hindi Bollywood fare that you probably know about. I was so happy to see a film like this. And God, what a rush! I booked the ticket online; all 5 or 6 multiplexes near my home were fully booked; for all shows; even weeks after the release. I was barely able to get a seat, it was the only seat that was available, maybe because somebody canceled their ticket. India has never seen anything like this. No, this is a South Indian film, not a Bollywood film. It is hundred times better than anything dished out by Bollywood. Already made close to $200 million in the box office, no Bollywood film has come anywhere close. WOW!


And I finished my perfect day by buying these two books at Landmark, the best bookshop in India…


Awesome! I wonder if you will ever get time to read these books. Articles, articles, and articles.


If I’m not wrong, you using amazon referral links? It’s against forum ruls :open_mouth:


What referral links? I am not an affiliate marketer or anything, I just wanted to show the books I bought. I have no business apart from writing articles. How else am I supposed to show these books? Jeez. Please take this statement back, as it is defamatory. You are saying that I am somehow profiting from posting these links. I guess when you want to see something negative, you can see negative in absolutely anything. But this is ridiculous. Most people when talking about the books they buy, give the links to that book on Amazon., This is a common practice. Amazon is like wikipedia of books.


This part make me feels it’s a reffarel link :slight_smile:


I don’t care what makes you think that. This is a blatantly false accusation and it is defamatory. I am just signed on to Amazon like I always am and did a search for these books. You also sign on to Amazon and post links from it, you will get the same sort of links, maybe, maybe not. But to say I am profiting from this is ridiculous and malicious. Have some sense.


I can confirm these are NOT referral links.
The “ref” in the URL is an abbreviation of “reference” which shows when anyone searches for a book title on Amazon.

I’m sure it is an honest mistake and not intended as malicious or defamatory.


This part “make me feels” like you don’t know how to spell referral.


Just can’t wait to watch Bahubali 2, Contacted Cinepex here in islamabad but they were saying the movie is yet to be screened. Hopefully, i will watch it in cinema soon.


Yeah ! for spelling I use grammerly chrome extension and it do not work on forum :smiley:


Thank you for clarification :slight_smile:


Yeah, I tried the free version and it was really crappy, so I uninstalled it.

Shame though as it seemed promising!


It’s a life saver for me :smiley: worked perfectly on Fiverr site :smiley: