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The I Am Really T.O. at 99025 so I killed off his twin brother from "5r Story, Meet the Characters" Thread!


You will never see your twin!! :smiling_imp:


Huh? Good looking dude. That’s me? :smirk:


I’m thinking about color coding all the characters before moving on. It would make the characters more alive. Still debating, I think Triple 7 is on vaca.

If you think he’s good looking, too bad you’ll never see his twin! :frowning2:


LOL…can’t wait to see the twin!


OMG! U have the ultimate guy syndrome. :scream:


'Killed off… ’ Ooh, that’s mean, creating high suspense with a title and then we have to pause our suspense because of a fiverr seller who is on vacation? Always these fiverr sellers, we’re led think they exist on coffee alone and don’t even know how to spell vacay and then this.

(disclaimer, because of, well, you know, or maybe not, but anyway: The above was a joke)

:smirk_cat: Looking forward to more.