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The image you are using to represent your Gig has been flagged for copyright infringement


Looks like I can’t have my gig active because I just got this message: "The image you are using to represent your Gig has been flagged for copyright infringement. Please replace your Gig image…"

Well looks like some not very smart individual flagged my template/banner (whatever is called) image for “copyright infringement”. I think that this individual, whoever might be, saw these works on the following websites: OR OR on Facebook.

For me things like this kinda situation is bump in the road and tends to give me a huge headache, therefore to WHOEVER (I’d say idiot but that would be quite a compliment) flagged my picture I give the following message:

"The image that you flagged is MY WORK, I use different aliases on other websites (FRAGGLESROCK, FRAGGLESROCK or FRAGGLESROCK) for different reasons (which by the way are none of your concern) and if you still feel the urge to be convinced about that, feel free to contact me so that I can explain you in details how things work !!!

Oh and next time check your facts properly before flagging someone for copyright infringement.

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links that are not allowed.


Oh great, now my gig is denied. WTH people?


I don’t exactly agree with the policy, but if you used one of your celebrity drawings then that was probably the issue. I’ve noticed they tend to flag anything with a recognizable face or brand, even if it was your own work.


Wait, what? Making a portrait or a caricature of someone famous is a copyright infringement issue? What the actual F!!! How is that even LOGIC?

Sorry but this is just PLAIN RETARD!