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The Impact After 14th

How has your gig(s) handled the demotion since 14th? and what are the possibilities of getting old ranking back once we hopefully regain our status.
Mine haven’t fared well. They were doing kinda fine but yesterday, they’ve literally vanished and I can’t seem to find them no matter how many filters I turn on and how many pages I go deep.
Would love to hear what you guys have to say



Going pretty bad, I don’t really have any buyer requests anymore in my categories. Only category that is full is the “other” category. I literally have no other requests other than the ones in “other”

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Kind of same here, Completed a ton of orders since my demotion to level 1 from 2. But my completion rate and delivery rate are both stuck at 84% and 96%.

CS said that was not a bug and these are my correct rankings so far.

My question is, i do complete a lot and get 5 star reviews. But my rankings are stuck?!

I am still in my previous position with the gig ranking. CHEERS! :smiley:

After 14th all of my gig rankings dropped even though I wasn’t demoted or anything.

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After Demotion I don’t find enough buyer request “like everyday I find 2-3 buyer request”.
now my impression is also too much low.
even my gig is still noon on first page.
There is no solution.
I also Contact on CS several TIMES.
Fiverr just kiding with me :frowning:

Probably going to be bad lol, hope nothing too crazy happens to my gigs.

For a minute, I thought you were talking about valentines :rofl:

Anyway, I have still managed to get a couple of orders even after the demotion though most of them came from return clients. And yes, my search ranking has dropped but I am hopeful that things will get better.