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The Impact of Monthly Evaluations - Four Months In

A few months back, I did a comparison of the impact of the first St. Level’s Day, following the first monthly evaluation. We’ve now had four evaluations in total and I thought it would be interesting to see what that has done to the number of gigs on Fiverr, at each seller level.

With this in mind, I captured the number and percentage of gigs by level across 16 popular categories in the Fiverr marketplace - two under each of the eight top-level categories. I measured them on two dates, Friday 12 January and this morning, Thursday, 3 May.

I have shown the “before” and “after” results below, together with the difference between the two days. A few points to bear in mind as you read through the tables:

  • This only measures the total number of gigs by seller level in each category. It doesn’t measure number of sellers - however, number of gigs should be an OK proxy.
  • This is publicly available information that I took simply by visiting each category, filtering by level of seller, and copying the results.
  • Highlights are purely there as a visual aid - I will explain this a little more in the notes under each table.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (Baseline) Table - Friday 12 January

The yellow highlighting on this table simply shows what percentage of gigs by level are above the average for that level of gigs as a whole.

Armageddon Table - Four Months In - Thursday 3 May

The highlighting on this table shows us where the biggest changes are.

Deep Impact Table - Changes Between the Two

Finally, this shows where the changes are. Again, the highlighting shows the areas that moved the most. Note that the percentage numbers here are absolute not relative.

This means that if 10% of the gigs were at a certain level before, and only 5% are now, I will have shown a difference of -5% (an absolute value) not -50% (a relative one). This is probably only a definition that matters to stats geeks like me, so you can safely ignore it!

So, what does this tell us? Here are my initial thoughts:

  • The overall number of gigs between the two days went up quite signifcantly, by almost 16,000 gigs, so in aggregate, monthly evaluations are not dirving sellers off of the platform.
  • 89% of all gigs are now in the “New Seller” or “L1 Seller” level, compared to 69% before the change.
  • The “video” and “marketing” categories saw the biggest overall percentage shifts away from L2.
  • There are only about 3% fewer TRS on the platform than before monthly evaluations.
  • The biggest impact has been in demoting L2 sellers.
  • Almost 20% of gigs lost their L2 or TRS rating and were demoted to a lower level.

I hope this is useful, and I would be fascinated with your thoughts. Let’s hear them!

Note: My maths is not impervious - if there are any errors in my insights or calculations, please point them out to me in a private message, and I will correct them. Additonally, this is not a thread to complain about losing your level, there are plenty of other places you can do that. Thanks!


I found this the most interesting number actually, from 119,345 to 190,085.
My thoughts to that aren´t as much "

as sellers who lost their levels trying to make up for it with more gigs/new accounts.

Thanks for the data!


Forget what I said earlier, this is highly entertaining for me.
So many numbers :star_struck:


I don’t believe you, and so my answer is “Kumquat.”


That’s what comes to mind with a lot of your answers


I told you 4 months ago that I put your original post in my calendar… This post came as an unexpected Christmas gift. Thanks!


Sorry I was four months late (or seven months early)


It’s a bit confusing when you write 20%.

In january, L2 = 69146
Now, L2 = 25951
That means : 62% of L2 have lost their rating.

We could also say that L2 were accounting for 30.3% of the gigs. Now they account for 10.9% (-20 percentage points).


It now appears in my category, astrology, that new sellers and level two sellers are the main levels sellers are in. We have 8 Top Rated Sellers left in the astrology section. About five lost their TRS level. By far the new sellers are the main type. Two of the TRS are new to the category.

It looks like approximately 70% of all gigs belong to new sellers.


This is fantastic! Thanks for doing the numbers for us.

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interesting numbers so now levels do mean something

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I doubt if the number of TRS that decreased in all other categories is only 17. Of all categories on fiverr that leaves out quite a few.

The total TRS in all other categories is only 18? Even the “writing” category is left out of that. How many TRS are in the writing category?

There are only 4,019 other sellers in all the other categories? This site is about one tenth the size I thought it was then.

Very good insight! I was curious to understand more about the sub-cats in which I operate.

It’s not “all other categories” - “other” on the table refers to “Fun and Lifestyle > Other” -

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Wow, talk about the Logo Design being saturated.


In “other” I see there were 35 TRS at first and ended up having 17.

Logo design gained 2 TRS so they still promote sellers to that level.

Edit: okay, so, now, I´ve got this re the Writing & Translation category (before the 1st SLD, after the 1st SLD, today):

TRS ----------- 8.1.2018 – 15.1.2018 – 04.05.2018
Translation ------- 27 -------- 21 ------------- 21
Proofreading ----- 30 -------- 22 ------------ 23
Writing ------------ 319 ------ 204 -----------206

(numbers for Proofreading and Writing column 1 and 2 are from @sydneymorgan 's topic, I´m not quite sure about the numbers for Writing, because writing is made up from quite a few subcategories and I assume there are overlaps)

(another edit: just a moment ago, I got 21 for translation, and now that I went back for a screenshot, it´s 20. :woman_shrugging:)

Awesome data gathering and number crunching! I am not sure what conclusion can be drawn from this. Is the new system good for sellers? Is it only good for a few sellers?

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Great post Paul. The statistic is very informative and entertaining. Thank you for bringing this up.

yes you got it right amazing article and research :muscle: