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The impact of my gig description Editing

If I edit my gig description, What’s deferent show in my gig . Actually I wanted to know , can I rank my gig with edit?


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Fiverr does not work like Google.

It won’t hurt to use keywords so that Buyers searching for your services will see your Gigs in their search results, but don’t bother trying to “out rank” competition as that isn’t how the Fiverr system works.

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Thanks for your kind suggestion.

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Hello siamkhan018, as far as I know editing gig description does have any negative effect if your description is SEO friendly. So that feel free to make your professional. My personal experience: I have edited several times, for the very first time one of my gig was in page 7, I’ve edited it and try to make it SEO friendly, now it is ranked good. At this moment I find my gig around page 2 to page 3. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your kind information.

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