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The importance of delivering early with the new algorithm


So the past few months I’ve noticed a serious coloration between delivering early and traffic to my gig.

As you probably know the algo has changed and the search results are now dynamic.

On the thread explaining this it was suggested to not let the orders pass the 12 hour deadline. I was guilty of this A LOT.

Sooo. I put this to the test.

My orders had decreased severely and I started delivering like two days early… Boom orders start flooding in again.

Then I get a little overwhelmed with life one week and all my orders cut it close to the deadline. Boom enquiries and orders stop.

I just cleared my que of all orders less than a day away from deadline and I’m suddenly getting orders again.

So yeah, it seems that we need to deliver as soon as possible for the best results. It makes sense cos the algo must be like “hey this person is too busy or can’t handle all their orders / is inefficient don’t send them anymore”.

And when your competing with hundreds of other sellers offering the same service and level of quality, things like delivery time are one of the few ways to seperate the good from the amazing sellers.


Wooonderful observation! This is definitely extremely useful to have trial tested, especially since there are a lot of new “features” per se to this new algorithm that even experienced users have no way of knowing without this type of research. Greatly appreciated, and fantastic for you being up-to-your-ears in orders!!!

Now I just have to get an order to get it done at Sonic speed :sunglasses: :joy: thanks again!

Best of luck, Taz


Just make sure you don’t sacrifice on quality :smiley:

It took me a lot of tial an error, but I’ve managed to finally refine the perfect balance between speed and quality :slight_smile:

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Oh, never :scream:
A helpful reminder however, for the future when I may have a bit more ton handle…never sacrifice the quality…unless you want your sales to go right back down, I suppose!

Glad you got there and found that balance! Do you mind if I ask what niche(s) you create for? :slightly_smiling_face:

Branding for businesses (mostly) and artists in the music industry

Just took a peek at your profile…major kudos to you. It’s very clear to see why you’re successful! Great images that relate as well as a variety of very specific services…well done :clap: also interesting that you have such a short bio but it’s completely effective. Too cool to see!

This is just pure procrastination. I really need to get around to writing one as one of my main gigs is biography writing so it’s not a great look :joy:

Though at the end of the day it comes down to reviews and ranking more than anything which is why I haven’t really bothered with it yet. Maybe it will improve my likelihood of getting rated TRS though so I should probably get to it haha.

Very good this is the quick Informative

Yeahhh just do it! There’s character limits anyways I’m sure it won’t take as much of a chunk of time as you’re expecting it to! Plus, there’s not too much else left for you to improve on, I’d say!

Can you please explain this?

As you probably know the algo has changed and the search results are now dynamic

Essentially checking your ranking is now useless. This is because what you see in the search results is not what potential customers will see. Every customer will see different results based of their buying habits etc. A few top peformers generally tend to sticky at the top of every search though. Look at the “welcome to fiverr 3.0 thread” on here. It explains it all :slight_smile:


Wow… Great information. :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for the info, you have put your account on stake. Thanks again <3

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I also read about this and also tried to do this. Unfortunately, when the number of pending orders started to increase, I struggled to deliver earlier. I should work on that!

I didn’t put it at stake purely to prove this lol. It was just a matter of naturally noticing the difference in sales when I fell behind.

Great. Today I learn new tricks… Thanks brother. I will follow it.