The importance of giving referrals


One of the nicest things you can do for buyers is to refer work that’s not right for you to another seller. For example, today a guy messaged me asking if I’d be interested in writing a 200-300 word article, this is not something I enjoy doing, which is why I referred him to someone else.

This applies not just for writers, but for artists that won’t do certain categories (politics, gambling, etc), for people that lack expertise in certain areas. While you don’t make money right away, the seller that benefited might refer you back when he needs something or has something he can’t or won’t do.


Thanks for suggesting this. I have bought from other writers even though I offer writing gigs. Sometimes I either get overwhelmed with Fiverr work and use help from other writers for my personal blogs and other times I want writing on a topic that I’m not an expert in. If I buy writing and it’s good, I will recommend that seller to clients that contact me with requests that aren’t right for me.

One funny thing - I usually do inform the other seller that I’ve recommended them so they have a heads-up that a request might come their way and can look all the better with a fast response. If I have personal experience I’ll choose someone level 2 or lower (including new) that don’t seem to have a lengthy queue. About 3/4 that I recommend reply to either give a thanks or to let me know that they also are overwhelmed. I try to be sensitive to those replies and send more work their way if they need it and/or are new but not send buyers their way if they are overbooked. I get confused by the other 1/4 that don’t respond to my contact at all. I always appreciate referrals even if they aren’t right for me either. Regardless, good post! Happy 2015!


Reply to @fonthaunt: Oh, when I give a referral I always tell the buyer: “When you purchase, tell them FastCopywriter sent you.” And then I get thank you messages from happy sellers.


I do this. It certainly works both ways.


Yes. It’s a nice thing to helping each other. Thank you for the kind full idea


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Pleasure is mine. I just joined fiverr 5 days ago. I’m still learning and getting advice from fiverr customer care to understand the fiverr site and the concept. Of course I’m planning to do some amazing gigs in the future.

I appreciate your wonderful idea “I will create a five Gig IMAGE for $5.” but I have a doubt about is it allow to do fiverr related gig in fiverr site


Reply to @redchillies_01: My pleasure. I just clicked on your name, have you thought about creating more gigs? You know, a lot of people need gig images, that’s something you could do for people. “I will create a Fiverr Gig IMAGE for $5.”


Reply to @redchillies_01: Hi, I have a Fiverr-related gig

I haven’t gotten in trouble with Fiverr over it. I searched the word Fiverr and I found a lot of stuff, like this:

I will give you 3 tips to improve your Fiverr Gig for $5

I will create white board video for your fiverr gig for $5

I will give you my fiverr killer video and reports for $5

Read the Fiverr terms of service if you want to learn about what’s allowed and what’s not allowed.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Wow, this is great. Thank you for the kind words my friend :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Have you ever had this backfire? I have tried to refer like this before by searching for the seller and giving them a heads up. In some instances I have had my loyal buyers come back frustrating saying that the seller didn’t respond or was rude, do I have any other suggestions, etc.

In the end I decided I would rather not take the blame for other sellers having poor customer service.

Just a thought! :slight_smile:


Not really. I don’t usually contact my referral, but I do tell my buyer to let them know that FastCopywriter referred them. Sometimes this results in getting a referral from them.

Sorry for taking forever to reply your inquiry. :slight_smile:


I refer too. I have used the person before for personal work so that I can vouch for quality. People always appreciate when I let them know I can not take on the work and suggest someone rather than leave them hanging. I accept referrals too. I appreciate when someone comes to me and says so and so referred you. If I can not do the referral, that is on me, not the person referring.

Did I mention I accept referrals?