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The importance of photos

I am a new freelancer (graphic designer) and in this short time I realized that the most important thing in gigs is the image. Surely, finding a good picture isn’t a problem for graphic designers (it is their work), but I’ve seen many gigs of sellers like social media managers, musicians, unboxing video makers who overlook this thing.They often have blurry or low quality images created in 10 seconds with the phone.
I give you some advice: spend at least an hour of your time finding and creating a good quality image for your gigs, at least for the main one.
Or, if you don’t have these skills, entrust your work to some professional! Fiver is full of them!
The image is the business card for your potential customers:
Higher is the image quality, Higher is the possibility of attracting customers :wink::ok_hand::100:


Thanks for your Informative topics

I created my gig image in Adobe Illustrator and kept the size at 920x760 pixels (I read on the Fiverr forum that this size produces the best results), but my gig image is still blurry in the web preview😕

I put my to 1920×1080, try it

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