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The importance of writing on youth/teens issues

The alarming rate at which youths and teenagers alike are experiencing challenges is painstaking and to an extent hard to deal with. To help this growing generation, the need to let them know that out there that there is a huge number of people that care for them can be COMFORTING and RE-ASSURING. If in case you or anyone that you know is having an issue with crafting a top notch content for youths to read, please know that I am presently offering a gig that can help you or that person that you know.

I see you’ve moved your topic.

However, your post was moved to My Fiverr Gigs because it’s a form of promotion. If you want to discuss the topic in conversations, just remove the promotion bit.


Thanks for the clarification. But, I think I will leave it as it is. I would love to be posting in conversation and also on the promotional angle too

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