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The Impression is Increasing But not getting order!


I think you are well and doing great . I have been analysing about my gig , gig marketing . also about the gig description . I think everything is good and perfect

This is the gig link -
I am sharing the gig on twitter , linkedin , google-plus .
The gig impression is increasing but not getting any order .

Can you please suggest me why i am not getting order or how i can get order ?
Have a good day ! :heart_eyes:
Thanks in advance :sunglasses:


You have many tips in the forum. Read them

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I was not clear about that , and thats why asking . However great thanks

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change gig image
buyer requests
try more analysis


same problem… even couldn’t make my first order yet… :frowning:


Be patience, It takes time to establish in Fiverr. Don’t worry you will get your order soon.


Thank you for responding


Yeah, I have seller level-2 but not getting order


are you sure ? i need change the gig image ?