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The Info rollover does not agree with my policy

Hi there.

I’m a Voice Over artist and I’ve only just noticed that the pre-filled out rollover information (when you rollover the Information “i”) for Add a Music Track says that I, the seller, will provide a music track from my own collection.

However, this is false. I won’t do that. I need the buyer to provide a licensed music track that they’ve picked out for their project. I’m not going to blindly buy music tracks and choose them for the buyer. That is absolutely their job and I would never to presume to know the buyer’s taste for their project.

I will add the music THEY provide to the voiceover, sure. And I say as much in my gig - but of course no buyer ever actually reads the gigs. They do, however, purchase the add ons and read the rollovers.

So is there a way to change the information in the rollover manually per gig? Or do I have to make a custom add on extra for adding music despite the fact that Fiverr already offers one?

Maybe make the disclaimer in the gig description? with bold letters so they read it

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That sounds like a case where you would need to go custom. It reminds me of the Getty photo feature that Fiverr provides which I don’t use. I use a custom extra to offer other stock photos. I’m not in your category, though, so someone else may have better feedback.

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It’s already in there. And there’s only so much you can bold. Buyers don’t read.

Disable adding background music. Then create a custom addition with ‘Add Background Music’ and have the tooltip explain what it means. I did this for a couple of different extras on my voiceover gig.