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The introduction of bitcoins(e-currency) to Fiverr


Hello all. I have been using Fiverr since September 2016 and it’s been rewarding and valuable. I think it would be awesome if Fiverr can introduce the use of bitcoins to its payment system. This would be highly valuable for sellers outside the United States. Bitcoin enables instant transfer of funds globally with very low transaction costs ( up to 80% lower than bank transaction charges). I think it would be a big plus if Fiverr incorporates this to the platform.


As a buyer you can pay in Bitcoins

Unfortunately if you are a seller you can’t get your revenue in Bitcoins.


It would be awesome, if Fiverr incorporates this as a feature. How can one sell this idea to the Fiverr team


@valentina088 You’ve taken the first step by creating a thread about the need for this feature, so make sure to continue the conversation by offering your insight throughout the life of this topic. The most direct channel for suggesting improvements to our platform is They’re always really responsive and considerate of your ideations and insight. Certainly a wonderful idea!


Thanks@Dion will explore.